VarioJet Tunnel Finisher

The Fintec VarioJet Tunnel Finisher is a high production garment finisher taking garments to the final stages of wash, from wet to dry. This finisher provides wrinkle free garments with a comfortable feel to the touch. Depending on the type of garment and its type of material, production rates of 450 to 1,900 pieces per hour can be achieved.

Optimal Finish

Performance capabilities are increased due to an innovative air conduction principle with five separate climate zones and extended infeed and outlet zones.

Energy Efficient

Utilization of recirculated exhaust air combined with inverter frequency controlled fans, optimizes the output in double-digit percentage while reducing energy costs.

Additional Features

  • Steam or Gas Heated
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • High-grade materials for long lasting design
  • Insulated on all sides
  • Two powerful variable high temperature fans per heating chamber
  • Hinged doors for ease of maintenance
  • Adaptable to a high production automated hang, finish and fold operations utilizing the VarioLoad, VarioJet and VarioFold machines
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