Vega Robofeed

The Vega Robofeed is our fully automatic feeding station for all types of flatwork. The perfect companion to the Vega Rail System, only one edge manual feeding of the flatwork piece is necessary to feed onto the horizontal transport conveyor. The automatic clipping and auto transfer to the one or two lane Transfeed and Ironer keeps your laundry line running smoothly and efficiently.


One Is Enough

Remote one-edge manual feeding for ease of use.


High Production

Up to 600 piece production per feed station.


Ergo Design

Ergonomic design allows operators to work comfortably.

Additional Features

  • Automatic clipping by VEGA Robofeed
  • Automatic transfer to the VEGA Rail System
  • Several VEGA Robofeeds can be used for one, two or more, ironer lines
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