Vega Selectfeed Uno

The single station configuration of our Vega Selectfeed Uno Feeder line features the same high quality, flexible and simple design as our other high-speed feeder models. This versatile feeder can easily be adapted to feeding small pieces in multiple lanes.


Trailing Edge Control

Optional spreading-belts from both sides allow for smooth introduction to the suction-box for quality edge work.


Enhanced Programming

Equipped with easy-to-use touchscreen with PLC software to store up to 99 different programs.

Additional Features

  • Automatic feeding in one or two lanes
  • Manual feeding in multiple lanes
  • Working width up to 158” (4013 mm)
  • Adjustable speed
  • Central dust collecting system
  • Light panels on full width of feeder
  • Fixed stretching knife over the full width
  • Single lane brusher system
  • Optional laser indication stripes for manual feeding
  • Low profile
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