Vega Selectfeed

The Vega Selectfeed is our basic feeder designed for manual feeding of sheets, tabletops, duvets and small pieces. This machine is perfect for small laundries processing different kinds of linen over one ironing line, or for bigger laundries where there is a need to use a machine on a dedicated small piece ironing line for optimal production. Due to the vacuum table, suction box and ideal feeding height, this machine creates an ergonomic working environment for your employees.


Save Space

Free standing, compact build takes up very little floor space with a low profile.


Enhanced Programming

Equipped with easy-to-use touchscreen with PLC software to store up to 99 different programs.

Additional Features

  • Manual feeding in up to 6 lanes
  • Moveable collection bags to store small pieces
  • Working width up to 158” (4013 mm)
  • Adjustable speed
  • Central dust collecting system
  • Light panels on full width of feeder
  • Single lane stretcher system
  • Optional laser indication stripes for manual feeding
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