Vega Blanket FFS Folder

Specifically designed for blankets, coverlets and similar pieces, the Vega Blanket FFS Folder is a compact combination of feeder, folder and stacker. Combining two primary folds and two cross folds together with stacking, a sorting system can also be incorporated for further efficiency.

Two Corner Clamping

Spreading clamps offer automatic spreading and feeding onto belts.

Drop Stacker Technology

Easy stacking into drop stacker for multiple sizes.

Cross Folding

Belt reverse folding combined with air knives allow for two cross folds.

Additional Features

  • Automatic spreading system
  • Two primary folds executed by air jet
  • Two cross folds by belt reverse folding in combination with knives
  • Drop stacker for stacking blankets
  • PLC touch screen control system with 99 different folding programs
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