The Vegafold is a compact, reliable and versatile folder for a variety of flatwork including sheets, duvets, table linen, small pieces and more. With its high-speed variations and compact construction, this machine will fit in almost any laundry, creating an efficient and ergonomic working environment.

Execution Options

Standard folds are 2 or 3 primary and 1, 2 or 3 cross folds with stacking.

Drop Stacker Choices

Available with one or more sorting stackers.

Control at Your Fingertips

Equipped with easy-to-use touchscreen with PLC software that can store up to 99 different programs.

Additional Features

  • Up to three primary folds executed by air jet
  • Up to three cross folds executed by belt reverse folding in combination with knives
  • Working width up to 158” (4013 mm)
  • Up to four stackers for automatic sorting of linen
  • Several options for folding and stacking of small pieces in multiple lanes
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