Vega SmartDry DT Dryer

VEGA SmartDry DT is as a heavy-duty dryer option from Vega Systems. Built with above-industry standards, materials and a high efficiency, energy-saving heating system, this machine is built to last.

The controlled and positive airflow throughout the drum ensures efficient and effective water evaporation. With steam or gas heated options, the Smart Dry DT dyers are designed to be placed together side-by-side, providing maximum space efficiency.

Also available with a blower and lint filter system for easy maintenance, these dryers can be built and combined with suction loading on the backside and an automatic press-cake loader on front.


Shorter Drying Times

High performance radial exhaust fan, gas-heating, and an air-flow independent surface burner provide 20% shorter drying times.


Infrared Sensor

Infrared sensors measure the exact laundry temperature during drying process to optimize drying time.


Suction Loading

Suction technology located on the back side of dryer for easy loading.

Additional Features

  • Gas or steam heated options
  • One-piece distortion-free drum design ensures optimum airflow
  • Unique burner concept
  • Exterior supports, drive wheels and drive motor for ultra protection
  • Freestanding and system dryers
  • Optional sprinkler system, cool down system, vacuum loading and more
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