Vega Multifold

The Vega Multifold Super is a triple sort automatic folding, sorting and stacking machine for a large variety of small pieces up to 40” (1016 mm) in width and 70” (1778 mm) in length. It offers single lane French folds combined with standard 1, 2 or a French fold with automatic sorting to three stackers underneath the machine.


Enhanced Folds

The primary folds are made by mechanical knives, which enhances the folds on thicker products.


You Are In Control

Integrated PLC touch-screen control system with storing capability up to 99 different folding programs.

Additional Features

  • Takeaway belt conveyor can be returned to operator, rear discharge, left or right side.
  • Individual fold parameters can be set for different sized articles
  • Standard sorting on three stackers with optional fourth stacker
  • Laser guide light
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